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JACINDA BARRETT (Rebecca) has burst upon the scene and left an indelible mark as a beautiful and extremely talented performer in a relatively short span of time.

Barrett was most recently seen opposite Joaquin Phoenix and John Travolta in Disney's Ladder 49. Written by Lewis Colick and directed by Jay Russell, Ladder 49 follows the story of a firefighter (Phoenix) who awaits rescue from a burning building and while there, reflects on his career, his wife Linda (Barrett) and his family.

Previously Barrett could be seen starring in Miramax's The Human Stain, opposite Nicole Kidman, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris and directed by Robert Benton. Barrett recently wrapped the independent film Mr. Ripley Returns, directed by Roger Spottiswoode, in which she stars opposite Willem Dafoe and Barry Pepper.

Barrett got her start in her hometown of Brisbane, Australia. She studied acting at the British Academy of Dramatic Art in Oxford, England, an experience she used in her first film project, Dave Semel's Campfire Tales. Additional film credits include Immaculate Springs, Dominique Faix and Art House. Her television credits include Dick Wolf's WB series D.C. and John Wells' series Citizen Baines for CBS.

Barrett recently earned her piloting license to fly single engine airplanes.


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