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JUSTIN CHATWIN (Robbie) most recently starred opposite Ralph Fiennes, Glenn Close, Rita Wilson and Allison Janney in the Newmarket film "The Chumscrubber,” which will be released this summer. Chatwin will also appear in the upcoming Showtime pilot "Weeds,” co-starring Mary Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins.

Chatwin first garnered recognition for his starring role in the in the USA miniseries "Traffic,” directed by Stephen Hopkins. Based on his performance in the program, Newsweek magazine singled him out as an Actor to Watch. He also costarred with Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke in the Warner Bros. thriller, "Taking Lives.”

The son of an engineer father and an artist mother, Chatwin was born and raised on Vancouver Island (Nanaimo), British Columbia. He fell into acting by accident at age 18 when a friend dared Chatwin to join him on an audition. It was then that he fell in love with acting — he got an agent immediately after.


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