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KATE WALSH (Barbara Weston) began her professional acting career in Chicago where, after studying at the renowned Piven Theatre Workshop, she starred in acclaimed stage productions of Born Guilty, Moon Under Miami and Troilus and Cressida at the Shakespeare Repertory.

Also in Chicago, Walsh was cast in her first two independent films: Normal Life, directed by John McNaughton, and Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer II.

The actress' career quickly took off with a move to New York for comedy and improvisation training. She soon landed series regular roles on ABC's The Mike O'Malley Show, HBO's The Mind of the Married Man and The Drew Carey Show.

Most recently, she has been seen on the ABC drama Grey's Anatomy, portraying Patrick Dempsey's wife, as well as in a recurring role as Tim Daly's wife in another ABC drama, Eyes.

Walsh's film credits include The Family Man, Under the Tuscan Sun, After the Sunset and Inside Out. She also has a special cameo in the upcoming feature version of Bewitched.


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