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HEATH LEDGER ("Skip Engblom”) is a native Australian, and it was in his hometown of Perth where his acting career took flight at the age of ten.

Ledger most recently completed production on Lasse Halstrom's Cassanova, the famed tale of a seducer who finally learns the meaning of true love from a woman resistant to his romantic ways. Later this year, he can be seen starring opposite Matt Damon in Terry Gilliam's The Brothers Grimm for Miramax Films and in Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain starring opposite Jake Gyllenhall. In early 2005, Ledger returned to Australia for the film Candy, co-starring with Geoffrey Rush.

In 2003, Ledger was seen in director Gregor Jordan's Ned Kelly in the starring role of outlaw "Ned Kelly," the famed gunslinger who formed the Kelly gang and committed several bank robberies from 1878-80. Ledger has also been seen in The Four Feathers for director Shekar Kapur; The Order; Columbia Pictures' A Knight's Tale; the critically acclaimed Monsters Ball; The Patriot opposite Mel Gibson, 10 Things I Hate About You, and the Australian independent features Black Rock, Paws, and Two Hands.

Ledger's Australian television series work includes the shows Clowning Around, Bush Patrol, Corrigan, Ship to Shore and Home and Away. In 1997, Ledger landed a starring role in his first American television series, Roar, for Universal and FOX television. The mid-season replacement, which co-starred Felicity's Keri Russell, filmed in Queensland, Australia. It was directly after this series that he signed with his first American talent agent and moved to the United States.

Ledger is a member of two highly reputable Australian theatre companies, the Globe Shakespeare Company and the Midnight Youth Acting Company.

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