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HERBIE (Herbie) was born in 1963 in a Volkswagen factory. Pearl white with saucy hood stripes, he was shaped just like an ordinary Beetle but sported a magical mind of his own and the heart of a champion. Clearly, this minibut- mighty VW was destined to be a car star. From his auspicious debut in "The Love Bug” to his long-awaited comeback as a revved-up NASCAR racer in HERBIE: FULLY LOADED, Herbie (AKA #53) raced his way into an iconic place in American pop culture.

Along the way, he has worked alongside human stars ranging from Lindsay Lohan, Matt Dillon and Michael Keaton to Don Knotts, Helen Hayes and Cloris Leachman. Herbie first won the affection of audiences in the 1969 runaway hit "The Love Bug,” proving he had the charm, the talent and the horsepower to become Hollywood's leading automotive actor. Set against the groovy backdrop of San Francisco, "The Love Bug” had Herbie saving the day as he fueled a down-on-his-luck race-car driver's quest for victory and romance. In the wake of his speedy success, Herbie accelerated his career, taking the title role in "Herbie Rides Again” (1974), "Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo” (1977) and "Herbie Goes Bananas” (1980). He also careened into a television career, with the 1997 telefilm "The Love Bug.” Along the way, he sparked many imitators and collected die-hard fans.

Then tragedy struck. Even as his fans wondered where he had driven off to, Herbie was languishing in a junkyard—in a rusted-out state, facing demolition. Yet his spirit was intact and his indomitable engine was just waiting for the chance to roar another day. Proving that age hasn't changed him a bit, Herbie takes on his most ambitious work to date in HERBIE: FULLY LOADED, playing four roles: Junkyard Herbie, Street Racer Herbie, Demolition Derby Herbie and NASCAR Herbie. He even performs his own death-defying stunts— popping wheelies and pushing his pedals to 200 mph as he sets off once again in search of a summer of love and fun.


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