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SHOHREH AGHDASHLOO (Dr. Adani) was born in Tehran and began performing in various cutting-edge performance groups, among them the acclaimed Drama Workshop of Tehran. Aghdashloo was cast by directors Abbas Kiarostami and Ali Hatami - two towering figures of the nascent Iranian New Wave - to play starring roles in several of their formally adventurous, socially progressive productions, including 1977's Gozaresh and Sutedelan.

In the late '70s, Aghdashloo left Iran after her work as an actor was either censored or forbidden. Discouraged by the dearth of non-stereotyped roles for Middle Eastern women in Hollywood, Aghdashloo created meaningful work for herself. She focused her attention on stage work, even creating a traveling theater troupe with her husband that performed plays in Farsi for Iranian audiences. Her film work includes roles in such topical dramas as America So Beautiful and Maryam, both about the struggle of Iranian immigrants in the U.S. It was such work that caught the attention of director Vadim Perelman, who was looking to cast the supporting role of Nadi in his big-screen adaptation of the best-selling book, House of Sand and Fog. Opposite Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly, Aghdashloo's subtle, simmering performance brought her kudos from the Independent Spirit Awards, the New York Film Critics and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, all of which named her 2003's Best Supporting Actress. The Academy followed suit, nominating Shohreh as an Oscar® contender for Best Supporting Actress.

Aghdashloo has recently been seen on Fox's award-winning television drama, "24”, opposite Kiefer Sutherland. Next spring she can be seen in the remake of "Il Mare.” She is also set to star in the motion picture adaptation of the best selling book, Reading Lolita in Tehran.


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