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SCOTT DERRICKSON (Director/Writer) graduated from Biola University with a degree in Humanities, a second degree in Communications, and a minor in theological studies. He also graduated from the University of Southern California with a Masters Degree in Film Production.

Derrickson worked with Wim Wenders to create the story for Wenders' latest film, Land Of Plenty. With Paul Harris Boardman, he recently adapted the book Beware The Night for Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, as well as penning a science fiction epic for director Martin Scorsese.

Derrickson (alongside Boardman) penned the screenplays for The Church of the Holy Ghost and Darkness Falling, with Derrickson attached to direct both films. Derrickson and Boardman wrote the screenplays for Disney's spiritual thriller Mystic, Ghosting for Dimension Films, Future Tense for Artist Production Group, Urban Legends: Final Cut for Phoenix Pictures; and Hellraiser: Inferno, which Derrickson also directed.

Derrickson and Boardman recently did a production rewrite of the soon-to-be released film Scarecrow for Sony Pictures, and an un-credited rewrite of Dracula 2000 for Dimension films.

Derrickson lives in Glendale, California with his wife and two sons.


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