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JONAH BOBO (Danny) is a New York City native. Although he's just eight years old, he can already be seen and heard in a variety of productions. Bobo was most recently seen as Zach in the feature film Around the Bend, which also starred Christopher Walken, Michael Caine, and Josh Lucas. For the last two years you could have seen him at the Sundance Film Festival, where he played Shamus Noblet in Strangers with Candy (2005), and starred as Sam Zaidman opposite Mary Louise Parker in The Best Thief in the World (2004).

Bobo's voice is familiar to many households with kids because he is the voice of Austin on the Nickelodeon series "Backyardigans,” and you will soon be able to hear him as the voice of Tod in the upcoming "Fox and the Hound Two.” Bobo loves good ‘ol rock' n roll music, enjoys playing the piano, and is a huge baseball fan (rooting for both the New York Mets and the New York Yankees).


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