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MIKE VOGEL (Trip Carlyle) co-starred in the feature film ”The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” and takes a starring role in a new feature film of "The Poseidon Adventure.”

Vogel portrayed ‘Dean Piramatti,' the boyfriend of Lily Finnerty, (Lynsey Bartilson), on the sitcom "Grounded for Life.” He was born in the small town of Abington, Pennsylvania – a suburb of Philadelphia. After he was selected for Model Search America, Vogel moved to Baltimore to begin modeling full time. He then joined a theatre group.

When he wasn't modeling, Vogel would take the train to New York to meet with agents. It wasn't long before he was signed by a theatrical and commercial talent agency. While Vogel auditioned for several series, he was cast for one episode of the short-lived WB series, "Young Americans.” He returned to the East Coast, where he was called to meet for "Grounded for Life.”

Vogel appeared in several commercials and print ads for Levi Strauss Co. and Sony before beginning his role on "Grounded for Life.” An accomplished athlete, he likes to wrestle, go snowboarding – and used to be into extreme rollerblading. His current passions include riding motorcycles and racing cars.


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