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STEVE HOWEY (KC Carlyle) is best known for his role as high school jock ‘Van Montgomery' on The WB hit comedy "Reba.” Born in San Antonio, Texas, Howey spent several years living on boats with his parents. They eventually settled in a Los Angeles suburb where he attended junior high and most of high school.

After moving to Denver to complete his senior year, Howey earned a basketball scholarship to a junior college in Colorado. When his interest in the sport began to wane, he turned to his father, acting coach Bill Howey, for inspiration. He took his parents' acting classes to try to help reignite his drive to play ball; instead he discovered a love for acting.

"Reba” is Howey's first series starring role. He has guest-starred on "E.R.” and "The Drew Carey Show.” Howey starred in and produced the independent film "Class,” which was written and directed by his father, and was screened at the Denver International Film Festival.


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