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BOB HOSKINS (Dr. Leon Patterson), for his performance in Neil Jordan's Mona Lisa, was nominated for an Academy Award, and won the Golden Globe, BAFTA, New York Film Critics Circle, Los Angeles Film Critics Association , National Society of Film Critics, Boston Society of Film Critics and the Cannes International Film Festival Best Actor Awards.

Hoskins' numerous film credits include John Mackenzie's The Long Good Friday (for which Hoskins received a BAFTA Award nomination), and Beyond the Limit (aka The Honorary Consul), for which he received a BAFTA Award nomination; Alan Parker's Pink Floyd – The Wall; Francis Coppola's The Cotton Club; Terry Gilliam's Brazil; Robert Zemeckis' blockbuster Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (for which Hoskins received a Golden Globe nomination), Richard Benjamin's Mermaids; Steven Spielberg's Hook; Oliver Stone's Nixon; Nora Ephron's Michael; Christopher Hampton's The Secret Agent (which Hoskins also executive produced); Shane Meadows' TwentyFourSeven (for which Hoskins won a European Film Award), and A Room for Romeo Brass.

Hoskins' other notable film credits are Atom Egoyan's Felicia's Journey; Jean-Jacques Annaud's Enemy at the Gates; Fred Schepisi's Last Orders; Wayne Wang's Maid in Manhattan; Mira Nair's Vanity Fair; Kevin Spacey's Beyond the Sea; Lawrence Guterman's Son of the Mask; Louis Leterrier's Unleashed; and Stephen Frears' Mrs. Henderson Presents (which Hoskins also executive produced).

Hoskins directed the features The Raggedy Rawney (which he also wrote and starred in), and Rainbow (which he also starred in), plus episodes of the television series Tube Tales and Tales from the Crypt. Hoskins' other television credits include Dennis Potter's classic mini-series Pennies from Heaven (directed by Piers Haggard, and for which Hoskins received a BAFTA Award nomination), as well as the Peter Yates telefilm Don Quixote, and Roger Spottiswoode's telefilm Noriega: God's Favorite.

At the 2004 British Independent Film Awards, Hoskins was honored with the Richard Harris Award for Outstanding Contribution by an Actor to British Film.


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