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DARREN LYNN BOUSMAN (Director/Co-Screenplay) grew up in Kansas, where he became heavily involved in the theater community. He attended Kansas University where he majored in theater and film. During his sophomore year, he left KU to attend a film school in Orlando, FL. It was in Florida that Darren began writing and directing short horror films. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Darren began directing music videos and commercials for such Utopian Pictures artists as Velma Fix, and Tamela. In early 2003, Darren became a freelance director for The Firm, a Beverly Hills-based management company. While working with The Firm, he has directed various music videos and commercial spots, most recently the STATIC X hit "Soā€¯ which made its premier on MTV and FUSE. In 2004, Darren helmed the commercial campaign for VIRGIN COLA where he directed five separate national spots. Darren was introduced to the Twisted Pictures producers Gregg Hoffman, Mark Burg, and Oren Koules after penning the script THE DESPERATE, which sparked the seed that Leigh Whannell and Bousman would later turn into SAW II.


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