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GREGG HENRY (Jack MacReady) starred in Payback, opposite Mel Gibson; Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever, opposite Antonio Banderas; Star Trek: Insurrection, opposite Patrick Stewart; and in The Big Brass Ring, with William Hurt. Henry made an indelible impression as the drill-wielding villain in Brian De Palma's Body Double, and he also appeared in Scarface, Raising Cain, Femme Fatale and the soon-to-be-released The Black Dahlia, all directed by De Palma. He has most recently starred in the features Sin and Purgatory Flats.

The star of numerous television movies, most recently as Dennis Rader in The Hunt for the BTK Killer, Henry includes among his favorites The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom, opposite Holly Hunter for HBO; Bodily Harm, opposite Linda Fiorentino; and Sleep Easy, Hutch Rimes for Showtime. Some of his series work includes recurring roles on 24, Eyes, Family Law and Gilmore Girls.

Also a singer/songwriter, Henry's songs have appeared on the soundtracks to the films The Last of Philip Banter and Purgatory Flats. Dwight Yoakam recorded Henry's The Back of Your Hand and released it as a single. It went to number one on CMT, and the video was in the top 20 for 15 weeks. It was also included in CMT's Most Wanted collection for 2003, and recently Dwight Yoakam's greatest hits album.

Henry maintains a strong connection to theater, performing in both Los Angeles and New York. Among his many stage credits, the most recent include Dealing With Clair, The Water Children and Mad Forrest, for the Matrix Theatre Company; The Education of Randy Newman at South Coast Repertory; The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite at the Mark Taper Forum; and Bobby Boland at the ArcLight Theatre in New York City.

Henry's producing credits include the plays Femme Fatale, The White Death, Better Days, Heartstopper, Palladium is Moving, Little Egypt, Bitter Women and The Visible Horse.


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