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BARRY SONNENFELD (Director) has, since his directorial debut with the box office hit The Addams Family, amassed an impressive array of hit feature films including Men in Black™ starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, Addams Family Values, which reunited the ensemble cast of Raul Julia, Angelica Huston and Christopher Lloyd, Get Shorty starring John Travolta and Rene Russo and Men in Black™ II. Other credits include Wild, Wild, West and Big Trouble. Sonnenfeld has served as executive producer on Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events and Out of Sight and as producer on The Lady Killers and The Crew.

On the small screen, Sonnenfeld executive produced and directed pilot episodes for both "The Tick” and "Maximum Bob.” He also served as producer on the television series "Karen Sisco.”

Sonnenfeld began his career as a cinematographer with the Coen brothers on their first film Blood Simple and continued his collaboration with them on Raising Arizona and Millers Crossing. In addition, Sonnenfeld served as director of photography on Penny Marshall's Big, Danny DeVito's Throw Mama from the Train, as well as two films for Rob Reiner, When Harry Met Sally and Misery. He has also directed numerous Clio Award-winning commercials for Nike, Reebok and Isuzu.

Sonnenfeld attended New York University, where he received a BA in political science and an MFA in film. He lives in East Hampton, New York and Telluride, Colorado with his wife "Sweetie” and daughter Chloe.


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