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Writer/director NICOLE HOLOFCENER continues to expand her themes in her new film "FRIENDS WITH MONEY,” a comedy drama about how money, and the lack of it, affects and distorts relationships among a small group of Los Angeles friends. "I wanted to explore the idea of how tricky the issue of money is between friends - whether you borrow money, whether you envy your friends for what they have, or pity them for what they can't afford. I found myself talking with my friends a lot about it. It just seemed as though everyone's in denial about it, really messed up about how they see money,” the filmmaker asserts.

"FRIENDS WITH MONEY” marks Holofcener's third feature examination into contemporary mores, each stamped with her personal and independent point of view. Her work has avoided the pitfalls that befall many contemporary filmmakers, and she has fashioned a trio of genuinely moving and funny films about the bonds shared by women. Her 1996 debut "Walking and Talking” starred Anne Heche and Catherine Keener as two long time friends whose friendship is comically and severely tested when one announce her pending marriage, causing the other to become petty and jealous. Her followup, the 2002 release "Lovely and Amazing” again starred Catherine Keener, with Brenda Blethyn and Emily Mortimer. "Lovely and Amazing” astutely explored issues of women's obsessions about their body image. The film was a well-received comedy upon release and earned considerable acclaim for its frank and assured look at a key issue for women.

Holofcener grew up in both New York City and Santa Monica, California and received her graduate degree in film from Columbia University. She has also directed episodes of "Sex in the City” and "Six Feet Under" for HBO. She is currently preparing another original screenplay.

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