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JURGEN PROCHNOW's extensive film career includes credits as diverse as Wolfgang Petersen's Das Boot (in which he memorably played the submarine captain), Air Force One, Anthony Minghella's The English Patient and David Lynch's Dune. Some of his other films include Armand Mastroianni's The Celestine Prophecy, Reuben Leder's Baltic Storm, John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness, Danny Cannon's Judge Dredd, Uli Edel's Body of Evidence, John Irvin's Robin Hood, Euzhan Palcy's A Dry White Season, John Frankenheimer's The Fourth War, Tony Scott's Beverly Hills Cop II and Michael Mann's The Keep.

His television credits include A&E's "See Arnold Run,” HBO productions "Dark Asylum” and "Forbidden,” Fox's "Heaven's Fire,” NBC's "Jewels” and CBS's "The Fire Next Time.”


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