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DAVID THEWLIS (Jennings) first won critical and public acclaim for his powerful performance in Mike Leigh's "Naked.” He recently starred as Professor Lupin in Alfonso Cuaron's adaptation of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” and was seen in Ridley's Scott epic drama "Kingdom of Heaven.” Thewlis recently starred in Terrence Malick's "The New World,” and Michael Caton-Jones' "Basic Instinct 2.”

His other credits include "Goodbye Charlie Bright,” "Gangster No. 1,” "Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?,” "Besieged,” "The Big Lebowski,” "Divorcing Jack,” "Seven Years in Tibet” and "The Island of Dr Moreau.” Thewlis also wrote, directed and starred in "Cheeky,” which screened at the 2003 Toronto Film Festival.

Other film credits include "Total Eclipse,” "Dragonheart,” "Restoration,” "Black Beauty,” "The Trial,” "Resurrected,” "Vroom,” and the Mike Leigh films, "Short and Curlies” and "Life is Sweet.”

Thewlis's many television credits include "Dinotopia,” "Endgame,” "Dandelion Dead,” "Prime Suspect III,” "Frank Stubbs,” "Journey to Knock,” "Filipino Dreamgirls,” "Skulduggery,” "A Bit of a Do,” "Road” and "The Singing Detective.”

Thewlis starred in Sam Mendes's "The Sea” at the Royal National Theatre, Max Stafford-Clark's "Ice Cream” at the Royal Court, "Buddy Holly” at the Regal in Greenwich, "Ruffian on the Stairs/The Woolley” at Farnham and Lady, and "The Clarinet” at the Kings Head.


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