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DARLA K. ANDERSON (Producer) once again brings her knowledge and experience in computer animation to her latest producing assignment for Pixar. She had previously produced the 1998 Disney/Pixar release "A Bug's Life” and the 2001 blockbuster, "Monsters, Inc.” Anderson began her association with Pixar in 1992, when she came on board as executive producer for the commercial and short film divisions. Her professional background includes a diverse and successful career in live-action and animation production.

Born and raised in Glendale, California, Anderson studied environmental design at San Diego State University. After graduation, she moved to Phoenix to concentrate on painting and other artistic pursuits. In the mid 1980s, she returned to the San Diego area and launched her industry career, working in a variety of positions for local film and television productions. Her credits include episodic television as well as commercials and industrial films. In 1987, she joined Angel Studios, a small but progressive production company located in Carlsbad, as executive producer of their commercial division. It was here that she was introduced to the world of 3-D computer graphics and instantly gravitated towards it. Following a three-year stint with Angel, she moved to San Francisco with the express intention of getting a job with Pixar. Her persistence paid off and, within a year, she was hired as an executive producer.


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