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SAM ELLIOTT (Ben) has distinguished himself as a premier actor by the variety of roles he has brought to life on the film and television. A native of Sacramento, Calif., Elliott has fond childhood memories of hiking and fishing trips with his father, a background which eminently prepared him for the many outdoor, action-packed roles he has played.

Elliott's first professional acting feature credit was in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” Additional film credits include "Thank You for Smoking,” a comedic satire; "The Hulk”; "Off the Map”; "We Were Soldiers”; "The Contender”; "Top Secret”; "Tombstone”; and "Gettysburg.” On television, Elliott most recently starred in TNT's "Avenger.” He was nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his role in "Buffalo Girls” and was also seen in "Fail-Safe,” a two-hour television movie based on the 1962 novel about the Cold War and nuclear weapons, opposite Brian Dennehy, Harvey Keitel and Noah Wyle. He co-produced and starred in TNT's "You Know My Name,” which won the first Golden Boot Best of the West Award.

Elliott made his debut as executive producer on TNT's acclaimed adaptation of Louis L'Amour's "Conagher.” He is married to actress Katherine Ross and has one daughter, Cleo Rose.


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