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NATHAN PHILLIPS (Sean Jones) is one of Australia's hottest export actors. He has most recently signed on to star in Andy Cheng's auto-thriller Redline.

Snakes on a Plane follows Phillips' co-starring role in the thriller Wolf Creek. Picked up by the Weinsteins right before premiering at Sundance in 2005, the film received a lot of buzz and is considered one of the best films to come out of Australia in some time. It even received a standing ovation at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. Upon its release in Australia, Wolf Creek opened with record-breaking box-office numbers.

Phillips originally broke through the Australian film market with his first leading role in the award winning film Australian Rules, which screened at Sundance in 2002. He earned himself a Best Actor nomination from the Film Critics Circle of Australia for this performance.

Phillips has been working steadily with a wide range of roles to his credit. They include the short film, West, which he recently wrapped in Australia; a romantic comedy called Take Away, opposite Rose Byrne; a drama about rave culture called One Perfect Day; Under the Radar, a comedic thriller in which he plays a surfer, having fibbed to the director about his surfing abilities to get the part; and most recently, You and Your Stupid Mate which can be most likened to Dumb & Dumber in the States. He even starred in a children's action film, Warriors of Virtue 2, which he filmed on location in China.


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