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JEFF TREMAINE (director/producer) is just another Cinderella story. In 1992, he was hired as the art/editorial director on a new and struggling skateboard magazine called Big Brother. In time, his leadership and creativity took Big Brother to new and exciting levels of distribution and notoriety. During his tenure at the magazine, Tremaine met and became involved with several of the individuals who are associated with "jackass” today, most notably freelance writer/stunt dummy Johnny Knoxville. 

Through their collaborations on the Big Brother video series, Tremaine and Knoxville thought it would be funny to make a run at the television industry with their absurd ideas, so they enlisted the aid of longtime friend Spike Jonze. After a year-and-a-half of producing the "jackass” television series for MTV, the trio once again returned to the network's executive offices, this time pitching an idea for a major motion picture based on expanding the already ridiculous "jackass” concept. Nobody expected the joke would actually make it that far, but then along came "jackass the movie.”

Since 2002, Tremaine has served as executive producer, co-creator, and director of MTV's "Wildboyz,” executive producer on the new MTV show "Rob and Big Black,” and director on a few random commercials and music videos, including Turbonegro and The Sahara Hot Nights.


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