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Emmy® Award winner PATRICIA ARQUETTE portrays Allison Dubois, wife and mother of three who also happens to be a gifted psychic able to communicate with the dead in the hit NBC television drama "Medium.” Arquette is currently filming Richard Linklater's 12 YEAR MOVIE AKA BOYHOOD, a film in which the life of a young boy is continuously filmed from first grade through high school graduation.

Arquette's illustrious film career spans over 15 years with hits including Martin Scorsese's critically acclaimed BRINGING OUT THE DEAD opposite Nicolas Cage and Rupert Wainwright's STIGMATA opposite Gabriel Byrne. In addition, Patricia has appeared in Andrew Davis' film HOLES starring opposite Sigourney Weaver and Jon Voight; Michel Gondry's HUMAN NATURE; THE BADGE opposite Billy Bob Thornton; LITTLE NICKY opposite Adam Sandler; Sean Penn's THE INDIAN RUNNER; John Madden's ETHAN FROME; Tony Scott's TRUE ROMANCE; Tim Burton's ED WOOD; David O. Russell's FLIRTING WITH DISASTER; John Boorman's BEYOND RANGOON; LOST HIGHWAY (in a dual role for David Lynch); Steven Frears's HI LO COUNTRY and Roland Joffe's GOODBYE LOVER. Her tele-film credits include Lifetime's WILDFLOWER, directed by Diane Keaton, for which Arquette earned a CableAce Award as Best Lead Actress.

Born in Chicago and raised in Los Angeles, Arquette comes from a family of several actors: her grandfather, Cliff Arquette, was a comedian, best known as TV personality "Charlie Weaver;” her siblings Rosanna, Alexis, Richmond and David are all fellow actors. Her father was actor Lewis Arquette.


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