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JENNIFER DECKER (LUCIENNE) FLYBOYS is Jennifer's first feature film. Cast during a single day's session in Paris, she was the "discoveryā€¯ that Tony Bill and Dean Devlin had been hoping for. Her theatrical career began at an early age: at 18, her glowing beauty and strong character were spotted by Irina Brook for a new incarnation of Juliet in a stage production of Romeo and Juliet. After a resounding success at the National Theatre de Chaillot in Paris, the play went on tour throughout France, and then abroad for many months.

Jennifer next played a young teenager in love and on the run, the leading part in Steve Suissa's Cavale (Love on the Run), while continuing to extend the range of her on-stage performances at the Commedia dell'Arte.

After filming FLYBOYS, Jennifer has starred in Jeune Homme, by Swiss film-maker Christoph Schaub, and in two TV movies: Josephine by Jean-Marc Vervoort (2005), and Les Amants du Flore, Ilan Duran Cohen's tender tribute to the life of Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.


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