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FREDDY RODRIGUEZ is quickly emerging as one of Hollywood's most versatile young actors. He was a series regular on HBO's award-winning drama "Six Feet Under” which finished its final season last summer. Rodriguez portrayed the artful mortician, ‘Federico Diaz,' whose ambition succeeded in earning him a partnership at the family-owned funeral home. For his exceptional work, he has earned an Emmy nomination, two Alma Awards, three Imagen Awards, a Nosotros Award and two SAG Awards (for Best Ensemble in a Drama).

To add to his burgeoning resume, Rodriguez co-stared in the independent film DALLAS 362 opposite Jeff Goldblum, Selma Blair and Kelly Lynch. Written, directed and starring Scott Caan, the dark comedy opened in select cities last year. He also co-stared in the Dreamworks film DREAMER that opened in October, opposite Dakota Fanning and Kurt Russell. Rodriguez portrayed a retired jockey who returns to racing to help a young girl (Fanning) fulfill her dream of having her rehabilitated Philly win a big race.

Rodriguez also has a substantial list of upcoming feature films to add to his burgeoning resume, Rodriguez stars in the Warner Brothers feature film, LADY IN THE WATER from Writer / Director M. Night Shyamalan, scheduled to open in July. He plays ‘Reggie', a mysterious neighbor in the apartment building. Rodriguez stars opposite Paul Giamatti, Bryce Dallas Bauer Martinez Distribution, Inc.

Howard and Jeffery Wright. He also wrapped the Warner Brothers remake of the disaster epic, POSEIDON, for director Wolfgang Petersen, opening in May. He stars opposite Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell and Emmy Rossum.

Additionally, .Rodriguez recently wrapped BOBBY , written and directed by Emilio Estevez. The story of the assassination of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy, on June 6th, 1968, which centers around 22 people who were at the Ambassador Hotel where he was killed. The film stars Demi Moore, Anthony Hopkins, Lindsay Lohan, Sharon Stone, and Elijah Wood.

He also adds the independent film HARSH TIMES opposite Christian Bale and Eva Longoria (who plays his girlfriend) to his credits. Directed by David Ayer (TRAINING DAY), the dark drama is about two friends from the wrong side of the tracks out for their last hurrah before Bale's character assumes a serious job. He then added another drama – HAVOC – a modern day Westside Story (minus the music) opposite Ann Hathaway and Bijou Phillips. Steve Gaghan (TRAFFIC) wrote the provocative story.

Born and raised in Chicago, Rodriguez began acting as a teen. By age 14 he starred in the pilot production of the city's Whirlwind Performance Company, a theater company comprised of inner city kids who were not offered the arts programs in their schools because of budgetary cuts or other reasons. Because of his exceptional work with the company he received a two-year scholarship to the summer arts program at Chicago Center for the Gifted and went on to star in more than 20 theater productions in his home town. Rodriguez majored in drama at Chicago's Lincoln Park High School, which specializes in the performing arts, and became heavily involved in Chicago's early hip hop scene as a back-up dancer and choreographer.

Rodriguez's other film credits include Alfonso Arau's A WALK IN THE CLOUDS (his film debut) starring Keanu Reeves, DEAD PRESIDENTS (directed by the Hughes brothers), THE PEST with John Leguizamo, CHASING PAPI, PAYBACK with Mel Gibson and a starring role in the HBO film "For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story” with Andy Garcia. He also had the chance to display his comedic abilities in a special arc on NBC's "Scrubs” as Judy Reyes' brother.

Between acting projects he enjoys helping a variety of organizations dedicated to keeping the arts in public schools. He addresses students as often as he can and helps them realize the


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