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CATHERINE HARDWICKE is one of the industry's most interesting directors both in terms of subject and style. A prolific production designer and architect, Hardwicke has pulled from her experience of working with such critically acclaimed directors as Cameron Crowe, David O. Russell, Costa Gavras, and Richard Linklater to create a period film of "epic intimacy.ā€¯

Her most recent film, Lords of Dogtown, followed three young kids from broken homes who revolutionized the new sport of skateboarding in Venice, California in the 70's. Released by Sony Pictures, the film stars Heath Ledger, John Robinson, Emile Hirsch and Victor Rasuk.

Her first film, Thirteen, which was made for under $2 million and co-written with then-13-year-old Nikki Reed, earned her the prestigious Director's Award at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival and numerous awards at festivals around the world including Deauville and Locarno. The film was nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards, winning Best Debut Performance for Nikki Reed, and received an Academy Award nomination for Holly Hunter and Golden Globe nominations for Hunter and Evan Rachel Wood.

Hardwicke's production design credits include: Three Kings, Vanilla Sky, Tombstone, and Laurel Canyon. She was also second unit director on Linklater's Suburbia. A native of the South Texas border town McAllen, Hardwicke studied art in Mexico and received a degree in architecture from the University of Texas at Austin. After graduating, she designed and constructed a 20-acre passive solar townhouse complex built around a manmade lake complete with waterfalls, swimming pools and sculptures of the residents.

She then enrolled in UCLA's Film School, taking graduate courses, where she completed her first animated/live action short. It won her a Nissan Focus Award and toured in the Landmark "Best of UCLA" film program.

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