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Czech-born actor KAREL RODEN (Emil) is best known outside his native country for his character roles in Hollywood films. He played Grigori Rasputin in Hellboy and Gretkov in The Bourne Supremacy; and also starred in Bulletproof Monk; Blade II; and as the Czech villain Emil in the action-thriller 15 Minutes, directed by John Herzfeld and starring Robert De Niro.

Recent releases include Wayne Kramer's Running Scared, The Last Drop, Summer Love, and the horror film The Abandoned from Spanish director Nacho Cerdà. Roden will be seen in the forthcoming Bathory, directed by Juraj Jakubisko, and is currently filming the romance Bestiar, directed by Czech director Irena Pavlásková. In 1998, Roden received the Alfréd Radok Award for his performance in the role of Bruno in Le Cocu Magnifique, by Fernand Crommelynck. Other notable theater roles include the role of Don Juan in Grabbe's Don Juan and Faust. Roden also appeared in two plays with his brother, Marian.


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