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JOHN GOODMAN (Congressman Long) remembers the day in 1975 when he left St. Louis for New York, armed only with a degree in fine arts from Southwest Missouri State University, $1,000 his brother had lent him and a dream of being a professional actor. He didn't want to look back 15 years later and say, "I wonder if I could have...” He made the rounds, worked odd jobs and just tried to keep busy. He's been quite busy ever since.

Today, Goodman is one of the entertainment industry's most respected actors. He earned a Golden Globe nomination in 1992 for his chilling performance in the Coen brothers' heralded Barton Fink. Coincidentally, Goodman's breakthrough motion picture performance was in Raising Arizona, also a Coen brothers' film. He has since teamed with them for The Big Lebowski and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Goodman is currently filming Speed Racer, based on the classic 1960s Japanese animated series, with Susan Sarandon. He recently completed production on the film Death Sentence, for 20th Century Fox, opposite Kevin Bacon; and lent his vocal talents to DreamWorks' animated film Bee Movie, due out this November.

Goodman has lent his voice to numerous additional animated films including Monsters, Inc., The Emperor's New Groove, Tales of the Rat Fink and The Jungle Book 2. He also voiced one of the main characters in NBC's animated series Father of the Pride.

Goodman was raised in St. Louis by his mother, his father having passed away when John was two years old. As a tall, broad-shouldered teenager, he attended Affton High School, where he dedicated himself to football (his team won one game). He intended to play football at Southwest Missouri State University but injured a knee and was forced to sit out a year. Goodman spent that year studying drama with fellow students Kathleen Turner and Tess Harper. He never returned to football and graduated in 1975 with a BFA in theater.

Goodman's stage credits include many dinner theater and children's theater productions, as well as several off-Broadway plays. His regional theater credits include Henry IV (Part I and Part II), Antony and Cleopatra and As You Like It. He performed in a road production of The Robber Bridegroom and starred in two Broadway shows— Loose Ends in 1979 and Big River in 1985.

In 2002, Goodman starred on Broadway in the Public Theatre's Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. In 2001, he starred in the Shakespeare in the Park production of The Seagull. Goodman's additional film credits include Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing and Charm School, Beyond the Sea, Masked and Anonymous, Storytelling, Coyote Ugly, What Planet Are Your From?, One Night at McCool's, Bringing Out the Dead, Fallen, The Borrowers, Blues Brothers 2000, The Runner, The Flintstones, Mother Night, Arachnophobia, Always, Pie in the Sky, Born Yesterday, Matinee, The Babe, King Ralph, Punchline, Everybody's All-American, Sea of Love, Stella, Eddie Macon's Run, C.H.U.D., Revenge of the Nerds, Maria's Lovers, Sweet Dreams, True Stories, The Big Easy, Burglar and The Wrong Guys.

Goodman made his small-screen debut in the HBO production Mystery of the Moro Castle. Since then, he has given many acclaimed television performances. For eight seasons, he played Dan Conner in Roseanne, a role that earned him seven Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe. He received Emmy nominations for his starring role in TNT's Kingfish: A Story of Huey P. Long and for his role as Mitch in the CBS production of Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire. He also starred in the HBO film The Jack Bull.

Though he prefers to think of New York as a home base, Goodman, his wife, Annabeth, and their young daughter, Molly, reside in New Orleans. He has sold his New York apartment, which he still refers to as a "hunting lodge.” He says, "It's a place I visit

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