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ANTOINE FUQUA (Director) has established himself as one of the foremost industry talents of his generation. Through his diverse body of work, he has achieved his goal of making highly stylized films that resonate thematically and personally with audiences around the world. Fuqua confirmed his place as a young director of unique vision and craft with the extremely successful release of Warner Bros.' "Training Day,” which chronicles one brutal day in the life of a corrupt cop. The film starred Denzel Washington, who won an Academy Award® for Best Actor for his performance, as well as Ethan Hawke, who was nominated for an Academy Award® as Best Supporting Actor.

Fuqua's recent features include "Tears of the Sun,” starring Bruce Willis and Monica Belucci and the Jerry Bruckheimer production of "King Arthur,” starring Academy Award® nominee and Golden Globe winner Clive Owen, and Academy Award® nominee Keira Knightley. He also directed "Lightning in a Bottle,” a filmed concert celebrating the history of blues, which was produced by Martin Scorsese.

Fuqua revealed an impressive stylistic flair with his debut film, "The Replacement Killers,” featuring Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun-Fat and Academy Award® winner Mira Sorvino. This was followed by the comedic thriller "Bait,” starring Academy Award® winner Jamie Foxx.

A native of Pittsburgh, Fuqua studied engineering at West Virginia University before moving to New York in 1987 to direct music videos. Fuqua joined Propaganda Films, where his narrative sensibility garnered him many awards, making him one of the industry's most sought-after music video and commercial directors. He has directed videos for artists such as Prince, Coolio and Usher. In addition, he has directed commercials for domestic and international clients such as Pirelli, Armani, Reebok, Nike (Jordan Brand) and GMC.

Fuqua continues to direct studio pictures, as well as directing and producing projects through his own banner – Fuqua Films. Recently he set up a distribution deal with HBO for his award-winning documentary "Bastards of The Party” (which he produced), on the evolution of gang banging.


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