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SHEKHAR KAPUR (Directed by) started his career a far distance from the film industry, taking his degree with honors in economics from the University of Delhi and starting work as a chartered accountant, a corporate planner for Burma Oil and a management consultant in the U.K. After several years, he decided to leave this world behind him and returned to India to pursue a career in the film and entertainment industry.

In addition to his success as a commercial director, Kapur has directed some of India's most celebrated and successful films to date—including Mr. India, which is widely regarded as India's greatest-ever mainstream film for children; the acclaimed Masooum; and one of India's most controversial films, Bandit Queen, which caught the attention of the worldwide film community when it became the rage at the Cannes Film Festival. After this film, Kapur directed Elizabeth, his first English-language film.

Elizabeth was nominated for seven Oscars®, including Best Picture and Best Actress. After Elizabeth, Kapur went on to direct the film version of the best-selling book The Four Feathers for Paramount/Miramax.

Kapur's creative interests are not limited solely to directing. As a young man, he worked as a leading actor in Indian film, as India's first celebrity male model and as a chat-show host for three seasons of On the Other Hand, for Channel 4 India. It was Kapur who brought the idea of the hit show Bombay Dreams to Andrew Lloyd Webber, co-creating the base story with Webber and persuading him to bring on the now-acclaimed Indian composer AR Rahman for the music. Kapur also founded the Intent Corporation with best-selling author and guru Deepak Chopra, to "provoke and platform the emerging Asian culture to the rest of the world.” Through Intent, he has founded Virgin Comics and Imagination, a venture with Richard Branson's Virgin brand— involving approximately 100 artists and writers in Bangalore and in New York who create new characters for multimedia exploitation in the international marketplace.

Kapur has many other projects in development, including the feature film Paani (Water), which tells the tale of a major city 20 years from now, in which water has all but run out; an animated rap musical entitled A Suitable Cockroach, currently in production with Prana Studios, one of India's leading animation companies; and the film and stage musical of Rasputin, written by Michael Hirst, the writer of Elizabeth and co-author of Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

This film brings Kapur back to his passion for directing and continuing the story and journey of Elizabeth I, and reunites him with much of the acclaimed cast and crew from the original picture. The highly anticipated Elizabeth: The Golden Age has been an incredible journey for all concerned and Kapur is very much looking forward to what is yet to come.


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