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DUSTIN MILLIGAN (Eric Watts) Dustin Milligan was born and spent much of his early life in the small northern town of Yellowknife, in the North West Territories which lie in the far north of Canada. Being a natural ham led him to the drama program in his high school where he discovered his true love of acting and his desire to become a professional actor. As soon as he graduated he packed up his life and moved to Vancouver to pursue his dream. Since then he has not looked back.

Dustin has four films being released in 2007; "In The Land of Women" with Meg Ryan and Adam Brody for Warner Bros., "The Messengers" directed by the Pang Bros for Columbia Pictures , "The Butterfly Wheel" with Pierce Bronson for Icon Entertainment as well as the sequel "The Butterfly Effect II" for New Line Cinema.

When not acting Dustin can usually be found on his skateboard or on the slopes with his sister Molly who is a professional snowboarder.


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