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WILL FORTE (Dean Solomon/writer) recently appeared in the feature comedy Beerfest and is a regular cast member on "Saturday Night Live.” During his tenure at SNL, Forte has appeared in many memorable sketches and created recurring characters such as The Falconer, the once-successful executive who has mysteriously chosen to live in the woods with his faithful raptor Donald, and the soft-spoken politician Tim Calhoun. He is also a regular on the show's recurring "Hardball” sketch as the ranting, vein-popping former Senator Zell Miller. Forte came to SNL from L.A.'s improve sketch theater, The Groundlings. He also has spent considerable time behind the camera, serving as a writer and producer on "That '70s Show” and as a writer and story editor on "3rd Rock From the Sun” and "Action,” as well as working as a writer for "The Late Show With David Letterman.”


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