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Growing up in Mexico City near the streets of La Merced, CESAR RAMOS (Jorge) could easily relate to his character's rocky past. As a kid, Ramos learned to survive eating tuna from tin cans and selling tortas and T-shirts at the local markets with his family. "Still, it was the best time of my life because all of us – my father, my mother, my sister – we were fighting to stay together, despite our troubles. That taught me to have faith in myself.”

That self-confidence brought Ramos to acting at an early age, appearing in four Mexican TV shows, 22 TV commercials, two plays and in a small part in the Mexican feature To Die on Sunday, before beginning work on Trade. 

Ramos also remembers sitting down with his father to watch Kevin Kline in Dave (his dad's favorite movie) and, later, Independence Day – the last movie they saw together before his father died. "So maybe life has prepared me for this movie in other ways, too!” 

Most importantly, the experience of making Trade has changed his life with his family. "With my own sister, I didn't have such good communication as Jorge had with Adriana,” he admits. "But once I started shooting this movie, I went to her and apologized and asked her to forgive me for being as I am. And I told my sister, ‘Please, I want to be your best friend. I want you to trust me.' After spending time with Paulina (Gaitan), my sister in the movie, I learned how to become a good brother. Now we are close.” 

The pride of his family, Ramos recently was able to buy an apartment of his own in Mexico City.


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