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"FIDO is a complex story about a boy and his zombie. I'm the dad who sees all the problems: what a threat Fido is to me and my family. When it all comes to fruition, does anyone listen to me? No, of course not. We could have all solved these problems if everyone had stayed calm, enjoyed what they have, and not asked for anything new. It's the 1950's, we're got our house, a home, our funerals are paid for…what more could anyone ask?”

Tongue firmly in cheek, the extraordinary Dylan Baker comments on his characters' rather shaky existence as he channels Bill Robinson's daily life among the undead.

"When I first read the script,” he admitted, "I have to say it was the funniest I'd read in a long time. Calling it a ‘Zombie movie,' you're only half way there. It happens to be very funny, but also happens to have a psychological aspect to it that I think is fascinating to people. 

"Bill as a character is exciting for me because he has a really fabulous story, a great background to him. And as oddly as he behaves there is a rhyme and reason to him. His life started off badly when his dad died. No one noticed, he became a zombie and started attacking the whole family, trying to eat me (Bill) specifically! So, Bill has to shoot his own father in the head and kill him. And then he has to live with that for the rest of his life, so he's not real big into zombies and certainly doesn't want to have one around the house—domestication collar or not.

"Still, my wife insists, and shows me (Bill) all the advantages of having a zombie around. I'm still questioning what those are exactly when my son forms this attachment to him. That's the beginning of the end. It's a tough relationship with my son because I live in fear of him having to do what I did.

"Bill's fear is that Timmy will be in the same situation—dead father coming after him—and the thought of my son having to shoot me, not that he's going to shoot me but…well, he'd have to live with that. I know what it's like to live with that. It's not fun. 

"Therefore, my relationship with Timmy is very restrained, distant. His mother makes up for that, and now Fido has stepped into the breach and become a real conduit for him. In some way, Fido's more passionate than I am—haven't quite figured that out yet—because Fido's stepping into some other relationships in our family too. 

"You know the fact that Mr. Bottoms, head of security for ZomCon, lives RIGHT across the street. The Johnsons used to live there. They were perfectly lovely, but when the carolers came and their zombie got out and ate them, well the Johnsons had to go then. And now Bottoms and his family, Deedee and Cindy, have moved in. Lovely as well, but Bottoms is a warrior. He's been there, through the wars. He and I can sympathize; having both had to kill our relatives.

"I hope the audiences laugh their heads off at this movie,” admits Baker as he reverts to talking about Dylan Baker. "Billy Connolly as a zombie alone is worth the price of admittance. As far as I'm concerned, FIDO's right up there at the pinnacle of my career. Right after this, there really isn't any thing left for me. FIDO's where I'm staking my claim. 

"I once owned a zombie,” finishes Dylan (or is it Bill?). "I accidentally beheaded it. It looked at me oddly, made that noise, there were clippers…whenever I put on its collar, I immediately want pizza. ”

Bio: An extraordinary and versatile veteran of stage, screen and television, Dylan Baker is perhaps one of the most immediately recognizable faces in cinema today. Baker attended The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia and was nominated for Broadway's 1991 Tony Award as Best Actor (Featured Role - Play) for "La Bête." His exhaustive list of credits includes: Spider-Man 2; Spider-Man 3; Kinsey; Road to Perdit

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