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K'SUN RAY (Timmy)

"I think FIDO is about a boy and a zombie who become friends and live happily ever after—with action!” explains young K'Sun Ray who marks his feature film debut with his role as Timmy. "I guess I have a few tumbles along the way; there are two bullies who end up turning into zombies and try to eat me.”

A remarkable performer at such a young age, the charming Ray experienced an unusual job requirement when he realized he'd be acting against a character who doesn't speak. Yet his relationship with Billy Connolly stands as one of his best memories of the film. 

"Billy is great,” explained Ray. "He makes me laugh all the time. He teaches me big, overwrought sentences; it's cool.” 

"I love that kid,” confirmed Connolly. "He wants to be a chemical engineer so I spent my time tossing big outrageous words at him. And throwing around a ball. Having the kind of time you should have as a kid when your best friend's a zombie. But he's no mug! He popped me one when I'd been playing too much”

"It's probably the biggest surprise I had coming on set,” said Ray of his relationship with Connolly. "Learning silly sentences and doing school outside of school. My tutor and Billy and I, we'd pal around on set. We'd just talk, but it was fun and it ended up being school.

"I was kind of surprised too by how heartwarming the story is. Zombies, you'd think, would be all about bloody killing. But the action is really heartwarming too. I think that's why other kids are going to go see the film. First, because of Billy—he's great as Fido. And the cool special effects. And the really good action. There's a scene where Zombies get shot in the head and blood gushes out. It was really only fake blood out of pipe but it looks very cool. 

"You know the Zombie control is all about the domestication collar, it neutralizes their brain waves so they don't (won't) eat human flesh and instead just work for their master. But the collar is only working when the red light is on. When it's off, you better RUN really fast. And to be honest, I can't outrun a Zombie, they're fast! Maybe Billy can, but only if they've just had a chicken. Maybe.

"There are kid Zombies too,” Ray elaborated. "Anyone who dies becomes a zombie because of the earth passing through a cloud of radiation. The radiation causes the dead to re-animate so even kids can be zombies. But I hope the audience figures out that everyone is a person. Even the zombies. Everyone has a heart—a duck, a rabbit, a zombie—everyone has a soul and a heart.”

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