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HENRY CZERNY (Mr. Bottoms)

"What I loved about the script,” said the ever cool Henry Czerny, "and why I wanted to do this film was how the writers combined whimsy, horror and the politics of the day (which happen to be pretty timeless). It was a great amalgamation of those things that was, and is, very exciting to be a part of in an odd way. 

"The cast that has congregated, and this script, well the combination is extraordinary. I think that speaks to the script itself; very interesting and good actors gravitate to this kind of rare material. These actors really showcase excellence, from K'Sun who is a fine young actor and a gem of a human being, to the opposite end of the spectrum with equally charming and generous Billy Connolly (who claimed that Mr. Bottom's move across from Timmy's house was like having Donald Rumsfeld move onto your street).

"I had a great time shooting it for two reasons. One of course is the whimsy inherent in the script; it brings a bit of a twinkle to the tale. The other is that the script is intelligent enough to support a lot of the actors' homework you may want to do: the eccentricities, the nuances you think you want to bring each day to work. The script supports that. 

"I see the audience becoming immersed in the themes of this film. As a society, we move further ahead if we extend a hand instead of put up barriers to that which frightens us. It's not a timely message, it's a timeless message. And this tale is a good back drop to put that message in front of. 

Bio: An award-winning versatile actor, Henry Czerny can next be seen starring as author Neale Donald Walsch in the story of how he came to write his best-selling books "Conversations with God.” He is currently in Ireland shooting the dramatic Showtime series "The Tudors” which focuses on the reign and marriages of King Henry VIII. While he may be best known for his roles in the blockbusters "Mission: Impossible” (his character uttered the famous line, "your mission…should you choose to accept it…) and "Clear & Presdent Danger,” Czerny's extensive list of film credits include, "The Pink Panther,” "The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” "The Ice Storm,” "Notes from Underground,” "After Alice,” "Cement” and "Kayla.” His varied television career includes starring in the acclaimed miniseries, "The Boys of St. Vincent,” and the telefilms "Further Tales of the City,” "The Pact,” "Glory & Honor,” "The Fabulous Showman: PT Barnum,” "Salem Witch Trials” and "A Town Torn Apart.” His many awards include Genies (Canadian Oscars), FIPA d'Or for Best Actor, Gemini for Best Actor, among others.Born in Canada, Czerny first got his start acting in school musicals. He appeared in many prominent stage productions such as "Romeo & Juliet,” "Comedy of Errors” and "Taming of the Shrew.”


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