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Charming, gentle and soft-spoken, Director/Writer ANDREW CURRIE surrounds himself with extraordinarily talented craftsmen, from the actors to the production team, in an unusually (for the film business) sophisticated effort to heighten not only the professionalism of his work but the enjoyment level as well. 

"We create an environment of trust that really shines through on set,” explained Currie. "It helps everyone feel more grounded and safe. The actors have to trust me, and in turn I try to create an umbrella of trust and safety for them.

"This style of work is very important to me,” continued Currie. "It's at the core of Anagram Pictures which Trent and I formed in 1995 and Blake joined five years later. We started out originally as a development company; we wanted to hone and perfect our writing and storytelling skills. In order to do that, you have to respect the opinion of everyone around you, as well as trust that they won't bring any excess or unnecessary baggage to the table. It can be a vulnerable place at first.

"We developed many features this way until we finally got to a point when we wanted to produce one of them. My feature film directorial debut, Mile Zero, was the first film.”

"Working with a personal and professional partner, who happened to be pregnant as well during shooting, worked incredibly well,” added Currie about his rather unique relationship with Producer Mary Anne Waterhouse. "We'd been partners for three years before FIDO, both romantically and professionally. We're both such obsessive workaholics it allows for us to spend a lot of time together. And we both love doing what we do so much, it's a wonderful meshing.”

The actors felt the same way regarding Andrew and the ensconcing of trust he surrounded them with each day. 

"Andrew's fun,” said K'Sun Ray (Timmy), "he gives you direction and then asks for tweaks all the time.”

"He knows exactly what he wants,” clarified Dylan Baker (Bill). "It's not surprising since he wrote it. He's a little laid back on the set, but when I'm looking for that discipline he's got that side to him as well! He brought his son to set, had another on the way and was giving birth to FIDO all at the same time. Seemed remarkable.”

"Andrew is terrific,” agreed Henry Czerny (Mr. Bottoms). "He has intelligence, heart and his knowledge of story allows you to experiment and bounce ideas around: he's not threatened by them.”

"He's gentle, a delight. He allows you to put in your tuppence as well” chimed in Billy Connolly (Fido). "I though it might be weird, that his partner was also producing and she's not gentle. And she's pregnant. But I thought hmmm, maybe that's good, she'll be like TNT—there won't be any messing around! 

"I try to be in movies as an actor that I could never direct myself,” added Tim Blake Nelson (Mr. Theopolis), actor and award-winning director in his own right. "In this case, it's easy. I could never direct it as well as Andrew has so it's easy to defer to him which is exactly what the director-actor relationship is about: give ideas but trust the director to show you when you're going off course. I really believe in the way he's directing the film, it's flawless. Also, as an actor, I'll get in my own way if I think as a director. So I leave that part at home when I come to someone else's set.”

"He's a dear,” concluded Carrie-Anne Moss (Helen). "He's respectful and thoughtful and allows you time and space. And that's a lovely way to work.”


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