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DAVID MOREAU AND XAVIER PALUD's (Directed by) debut film, the Canal Plus French language horror film ILS, initially screened at the Berlin Film Festival in March 2006.

The film thereafter screened at film festivals throughout the world, including the Edinburgh Film Festival and Cognac Film Festival. ILS was released in theatres in France in July 2007 where it was a box office smash and garnered rave reviews.

In his Film Comment review, David Cox called ILS "a lean horror machine designed to simply wring the audience dry across barely 75 minutes of almost real-time action." He further complimented David and Xavier: "The confidence with which the first-time directing duo wield their sharp instruments recalls early Carpenter, resulting in the ultimate home-invasion nightmare-FUNNY GAMES by way of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13. Avoiding the overt nastiness of so many recent French genre offerings, this is instead a slightly show-offy master class in timing, staging, and pacing; you may catch yourself trying to peer around the edge of the screen to see where the next shock is coming from."

Prior to directing ILS, David and Xavier worked in commercials and television in France, building an impressive resume of credits including writing, directing, and editing. The success of ILS led to their move to the United States.

For their first American project, David and Xavier directed THE EYE, which stars Jessica Alba and Alessandro Nivola, for Lionsgate and Paramount Vantage.


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