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DONALD SUTHERLAND is one of the most prolific and versatile motion picture actors with an astonishing resume of more than 100 films, ranging from the biting political satire of Robert Altman's "M.A.S.H.", to the intimate drama of Robert Redford's "Ordinary People", to the subtle intricacy of Alan Pakula's "Klute", to the eccentric romanticism of Fellini's "Casanova." 

Sutherland has also made films with Bernardo Bertolucci ("1900"), Nicolas Roeg ("Don't Look Now"), John Schlesinger ("The Day of the Locust"), Paul Mazursky ("Alex in Wonderland"), Robert Aldrich ("The Dirty Dozen"), John Sturges ("The Eagle Has Landed"), Herbert Ross ("Max Dugan Returns"), Louis Malle ("Crackers"), Philip Borsos ("Bethune"), Ron Howard ("Backdraft"), and Oliver Stone ("JFK"), including a cameo appearance in the National Lampoon classic "Animal House." 

For television, he won Emmy(r) and Golden Globe(r) awards for his supporting performance in the film "Citizen X." He also won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Clark Clifford, advisor to President Lyndon B. Johnson, in the historical drama "Path to War." Sutherland was recently seen as Nicole Kidman's father in Anthony Minghella's "Cold Mountain" and Charlize Theron's father in F. Gary Gray's "The Italian Job," and will next appear as Mr. Bennett, Keira Knightley's father in "Pride and Prejudice". He is currently playing in Robert Towne's "Ask the Dust," with Salma Hayek and as Linda Cardellini's grandfather in "American Gun.ā€¯

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