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The writer-director behind the extremely unsettling and scary JEEPERS CREEPERS and JEEPERS CREEPERS 2, VICTOR SALVAa's first breakout success was the strikingly moving genre bending science fiction film POWDER

As he has often told the story, it was as a teen that Victor first started sharing stories that would hone his instincts as a storyteller. An English teacher had made a deal with him that he could get out of doing the year's regular work if he'd write a short story a week and read it out loud to the class. The same teacher later suggested that Victor shoot one of his stories on film and Victor's filmmakers' intuition was born.

A filmmaker who likes to create stories that resonate with his own experiences, Salva is very interested in people, in the way minds work and the navigations through the experience that is life. "I find I'm very interested in people's struggles and their choices as well as their regrets and joys.”

Attracted by the work of Scorsese, Kubrick and Coppola (who gave him his first big break, and also exec produced the JEEPERS CREEPERS films), it was Spielberg's film JAWS that was Salva's cinematic epiphany.

"JAWS was the definitive filmmaking turning point for me,” admitted Salva. "It came out in the summer of '75 and I saw it an obsessive 55 times. That was really my film school. I'd never been to a movie that had such a visceral effect on an audience before. It was like going to a football game, seeing JAWS in a theatre. I learned so much about music and composition and storytelling and performance. I really do believe that was the seminal experience for me that kind of made me know that this really is what I want to do, forever and a day if I can.”


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