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Bringing a winning combination of indelible charm, charisma and intensity to his roles, IOAN GRUFFUDD (Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic) is quickly establishing himself as one of Hollywood's leading men.

He recently starred in Michael Apted's "Amazing Grace” for Samuel Goldywn Films. The film is based on the life of British anti-slavery pioneer William Wilberforce (played by Gruffudd) during his 18th Century political career. Albert Finney, Rufus Sewell, Romola Garai and Benedict Cumberbatch also star. "Amazing Grace” closed this year's Toronto Film Festival.

Following that, he had a starring role in Jake Kasdan's indie satire film "The TV Set” opposite Sigourney Weaver and David Duchovny. The story follows the making of a television pilot at PANDA Network with Gruffudd playing a top BBC executive who joins the network.

Previous film credits include "Fantastic Four,” "King Arthur,” "Titanic,” "102 Dalmations,” "Solomon and Gaenor” (nominated for an Academy Award for Foreign Language Film) and "Black Hawk Down.”

Gruffudd began acting in his teens in his hometown, Cardiff, Wales. At 18, he enrolled at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and upon graduation, began working almost immediately in the United Kingdom. It was his title role in the Emmy Award-winning miniseries, "Horatio Hornblower," that earned him international acclaim with both fans and critics.


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