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In the short time since he debuted his penchant for dramatic comedy with the one-scene plays he wrote and performed at the gritty Black & White bar in New York City, JONAH HILL (Seth) has already worked alongside many of the most sought-after actors, directors, and producers in Hollywood. His first feature film was I Heart Huckabees with Dustin Hoffman and Lilly Tomlin for director David O. Russell. He then secured small roles in Judd Apatow's summer comedy hit The 40-Year-Old Virgin with Steve Carell and in Adam Sandler's Click.

Hill can currently be seen in the hit summer comedy Knocked Up from Judd Apatow and Universal Pictures. The film stars Hill alongside Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Paul Rudd, and Leslie Mann. When their friend (Rogen) gets a girl (Heigl) pregnant after a drunken night at the bar, the rest of the group struggles along with him to determine how a baby will fit into their fraternity-esque lifestyle. Hill can also be seen in Evan Almighty, the follow-up to Bruce Almighty, with Steve Carell reviving his role as Evan Baxter -- now a newly appointed Congressman in Washington, D.C. Hill plays Eugene, one of Baxter's aids, alongside Wanda Sykes and John Michael Higgins.

Hill is also writing a project for Apatow Productions, in which he is also set to star. The comedy, entitled The Middle Child, centers on a teenager (Hill) who finds out that his parents gave up a child for adoption before he was born. When the son returns, he seemingly becomes the new family favorite while Hill's character must acclimate to his new position as the "middle child.”

He will also appear in two upcoming projects. The first, Strange Wildnerness, will be released by Paramount in January of 2008, and co-stars Steve Zahn, Justin Long, and Ashley Scott. One Part Sugar stars Hill as a confused teenager who turns to a life of buying and selling drugs when he finds out the father who raised him (Dylan Walsh) is not his biological father.

Previously, Hill was seen in Accepted with friend and co-star Justin Long. He was also featured in the independent film 10 Items or Less starring Morgan Freeman for director Brad Silberling, and in Grandma's Boy for Twentieth Century Fox and Happy Madison Productions. He also had a recurring role in the improvisational television series "Campus Ladies,” a comedy from executive producer Cheryl Hines and the co-executive producers of "Reno 911.”


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