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8-year-old NICHOLAS REESE ART (Grayer X) plays his first leading role in a motion picture in THE NANNY DIARIES. He was previously seen in SYRIANA, as "Riley Woodman,ā€¯ Matt Damon's younger son. Nicholas was discovered when his mother framed pictures of him in the Connecticut retail store where she worked. A photographer friend suggested that Nicholas try modeling. After achieving success doing catalog and other commercial work, he decided to try acting. On his second audition in New York, Nicholas was cast in a recurring role on the long-running soap opera THE GUIDING LIGHT, as Zach, son of Harley (Beth Ehlers) and Philip (Grant Aleksander) Spaulding. He next appeared in the TV pilot HENCH AT HOME, written by Michael J. Fox, and in an episode of HOPE & FAITH, starring Kelly Ripa. Nicholas lives with his mother, father, and two older brothers in Connecticut.


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