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DAEG FAERCH (young Michael Myers) makes his film debut in "Halloween.” Daeg, who now resides in Southern California, has duel Canadian citizenship. He began acting ‘officially' when he was four years old as a principal in "Whiz Kids." In addition to numerous independent films shot in California and Arizona locations, his theatre performances range from Shakespeare to Vaudeville, as well as hosting, dancing and comedy routines.

When Daeg was eight years old he wrote, directed and partially edited his first 15-minute film short, "Duel.” He is currently developing his fourth project – a feature about "bullies and heroes” - that is generating interest around Los Angeles.

Daeg lives with his mother Mickey, and is getting ready to begin seventh grade. Among his many skills, Daeg speaks fluent French and he enjoys skateboard, soccer, Boy Scouts and his friends and pets.


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