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AISHA TYLER's short time in Hollywood can best be described as a breakthrough. Her hot-streak stint at the head of E! Entertainment's "Talk Soup” landed her firmly in the Hollywood spotlight. Her razor wit and versatility revitalized the Emmy®-winning show, of which she was the first woman and African-American to captain. Aisha moved quickly into television and film roles, enjoying another first – the first African-American to play an extended character arc on NBC's "Friends.” Currently she's costarring with Jennifer Love Hewitt in the CBS hit "Ghost Whisperer.” The 2004 TV season saw her in recurring roles on two of television's top dramas--CSI for CBS and 24 for Fox. This after her movingly dramatic guest role in FX's Golden Globe® nominated "Nip/Tuck” in July 2004. She's made numerous television appearances on, among others, HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm,” CBS' "CSI: Miami,” and more.

Aisha is enjoying a successful film career, appearing in the upcoming crime drama .45, opposite Milla Jovovich, as well as Santa Clause III with Tim Allen. She had a starring role in the Lifetime Television drama "For One Night,” a moving project about a real-life Atlanta high school that still has a segregated prom for black and white students. A film she wrote, a buddy-cop project in which she'll also co-star with Maria Bello, will be executive produced by John Woo in Fall 2006.

Having begun her career as a stand-up comedian, Aisha uses her trademark wit in multiple appearances on "The Tonight Show,” "Late Night with David Letterman,” "The Today Show,” "Politically Incorrect,” "Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and "The Late Late Show.” Her comedic voice is raw, edgy, honest and wonderfully refreshing – yet a look at the audiences at her live performances reveals her broad appeal: women, men, mainstream, urban, young, old. Her aggressive performance style recalls Chris Rock or Richard Pryor with the physicality of a young Eddie Murphy, and she continues to perform stand-up at top clubs around the country.

Aisha Tyler is also a celebrated author, having released the successful Swerve: Reckless Observations of a Post-Modern Girl in 2004. The book is a collection of comic essays on pop-culture, in which Aisha comments deliciously on everything from casual sex, the mysteries of platonic friendship and hip-hop videos to marriage, to the Ms. Foundation and Sun Tzu's "The Art of War.” Critics and readers alike praise the book for its frank and hilarious look at what it's like to be a girl. Aisha is also a frequent contributor to Glamour Magazine, for which she has written pieces about the media's unrealistic portrayal of feminine beauty.

Critical acclaim for Aisha has been effusive. Esquire called Aisha "sweetly wicked,” designating her one of its "Women We Love.” TV Guide called her one of television's "In Crowd.” Maxim anointed her one of its "Hot 100” two years in a row. Vibe crowned her "the next Queen of Comedy.” And Tongue gushed, "[she's] that impossible combination of hot-as-the-day-is-long and so cool… the most unlikely crossover since Charlie Pride.”


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