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CARLOS MENCIA, the superstar stand-up comedian, is undoubtedly one of today's most lauded entertainers and feared comics. Mencia takes comedy further as he combines attitude and his unrelentingly provocative nature with caustic, unabashed humor; all while poking at racial stereotype and other modern day absurdities. Whether it is man-on-the-street interviews, studio comedy, commercial parodies, or nationwide sold-out tours, Mencia demonstrates an extraordinary ability to connect with a diverse audience. With his unique point of view of the world, Mencia has a rare gift of insightful perception, and an exceptional ability to elicit laughs while making our brains tick. Mencia pushes the boundaries with his brutally honest attacks toward his fellow Latinos, blacks, whites and just about every other group in the ethnic rainbow, making him one of the most original and successful showmen on the comedy circuit.

This fall, Mencia is headlining a nationwide comedy tour entitled "Carlos Mencia Live Presented by Bud Light.” The tour includes Mencia's no-holds-barred comedy and runs from September 2008 through December 2008. The highly anticipated tour will bring Mencia face-to-face with his fans, bringing laughs across the country. If Mencia's record as the best-selling Latin comedian is any indication, "Carlos Mencia Live” will be another successful tour for the comic. When performing, Carlos is blunt and unapologetic.

However, offstage he is quite a gentle, loving and family oriented man. Mencia, whose real name is Ned, was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the 17th of 18 children - 11 sisters and 6 brothers. His childhood was spent both in Los Angeles and Honduras. His parents sent Mencia to the U.S. when he was about three months old, where he was raised in Maravilla Projects in L.A. by his aunt and uncle. In his early teens, Mencia moved back to Honduras because his family wanted him to avoid the destructive gang culture of East Los Angeles. When Mencia later returned to L. A., he showed such educational prowess that he was immediately promoted to tenth grade. Soon after, he graduated from Garfield High School. It was not until the age of 19, when he was studying electrical engineering at California State University and working full time at Farmer's Insurance, that he discovered his passion for comedy and decided to pursue it as a career.

Mitzi Shore, Pauly Shore's mom and owner of The Comedy Store, changed his name to Carlos because she felt it suited him better as a Latino comedian. Mencia also recalls first doing stand-up on amateur night at the The Laugh Factory: three minutes into his routine he drew a blank, told the audience bluntly that he had run out of material and walked off stage. The reaction was incredible and the owner, who thought the lines were part of his routine, told him to never stop doing comedy.

One month later, Mencia showcased at The Comedy Store and became a regular, performing nightly. After he found success on the L.A. comedy circuit, he earned the title of "International Comedy Grand Champion" from "Buscando Estrellas” (the Latino version of "Star Search”). This led to appearances on "In Living Color,” "The Arsenio Hall Show,” "Moesha” and "An Evening at the Improv.” In 1994, he was asked by HBO to host a comedy series called "Loco Slam,” which was followed by a hosting gig on "Funny is Funny!” on Galavision in 1998. As his success grew, Mencia released a comedy album in 2000 called "Take a Joke, America” that showcased his brand of confrontational humor.

Mencia continued his journey up the comedy ladder in 2001 and early 2002 when he headlined the "Three Amigos” tour with Freddy Soto and Pablo Francisco, which sold out in record time around the country. He was also featured in the independent films "Outta Time” and "29 Pal


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