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Academy Award winner REESE WITHERSPOON is one of Hollywood's most sought after and respected actresses. Witherspoon grew up in Tennessee, and returned to her roots to play June Carter Cash in the musical bio-pic, Walk the Line. Her extraordinary performance earned her the 2005 Academy Award for Best Actress, the BAFTA, the Golden Globe, the Screen Actors Guild Award, the New York Film Critics Award and many other honors. 

Her next project is the family comedy, Four Christmases, with Vince Vaughn, slated for a holiday release in 2008. She has also just signed on as Global Ambassador for cosmetics giant, Avon, and will serve as the Honorary Chair of the Avon Foundation, the largest corporate supporter of women's causes in the world.

At the age of 14, Witherspoon was hoping to be an extra in Robert Mulligan's coming-of-age drama, The Man in the Moon, and unexpectedly landed the lead. She followed with dramatic adventure, A Far Off Place, and Diane Keaton's critically acclaimed Lifetime feature, "Wildflower.”

In 1995, Witherspoon starred opposite Mark Wahlberg in the pulpy thriller, Fear, and received rave reviews for her performance in the independent feature, Freeway, a wildly conceived modern version of "Little Red Riding Hood” produced by Oliver Stone, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and aired to record-breaking numbers on HBO. 

Witherspoon worked with Paul Newman, Gene Hackman and Susan Sarandon in Robert Benton's dramatic thriller, Twilight, and then further displayed her gift for comedy in Pleasantville, written and directed by Gary Ross, in which she and Tobey Maguire played modern-day siblings who find themselves trapped in the wholesome world of a 1950's sitcom. 

In 1999, Witherspoon starred in Alexander Payne's brilliantly reviewed satire, Election, and received the "Best Actress” Award from the National Society of Film Critics as well as a Golden Globe Nomination. She followed with Legally Blonde, a surprise hit, in which her endearing performance as "Elle Woods” – Sorority Queen, fashionista and aspiring attorney – captured the hearts of women everywhere. 

Witherspoon followed with Sweet Home Alabama, the largest ever female driven romantic comedy opening at the time, and began to find her voice as a producer working on Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, in which Elle Woods takes on Washington politics in defense of her beloved Chihuahua, "Bruiser.”

Witherspoon's production company, Type A Films, went on to develop and produce the upcoming Penelope, a modern fable starring Christina Ricci and James McAvoy, and has a slate of other projects in the works.

Most recently, Witherspoon starred as a spirit who refuses to accept her death in the romantic comedy, Just Like Heaven, and as one of the most indelible characters in English literature, the social climbing "Becky Sharpe,” in Mira Nair's revisionist take on the Thackery novel, Vanity Fair.


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