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YUL VÁZQUEZ (Mike Stolz) first came onto the scene as a member of Armand Assante and Antonio Banderas' band in "The Mambo Kings.” When he got the call, he was taking acting lessons with legendary teacher William Esper while recording "Diving for Pearls” for Epic Records. His Cuban roots coupled with his ability to play the trumpet and other instruments were essential to "Mambo Kings'” director Arnold Glimcher, who cast him immediately. An acting career was born.

Vázquez has worked with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Steven Soderbergh and Ridley Scott and has appeared in over 30 films including "Traffic,” "War of the Worlds,” "Bad Boys II” and "Runaway Bride.” Vazquez will next be seen opposite Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe in "American Gangster.” He will also star in "Guerilla” with Benicio Del Toro; "The Take" with Rosie Perez and John Leguizamo; "Fast Track" with Zach Braff and Amanda Peet; "Anamorph" with William Dafoe; Adam Rapp's second film, "Blackbird” and art-house horror flick, "Southern Gothic” with William Forsythe and Nicole DuPorte.

Vázquez has had guest roles on "Seinfeld,” where he portrayed ‘Bob,' the "angry gay Puerto Rican” in season seven, and also on "Sex and the City,” as a brash television agent who succumbs to Samantha's wild ways.

Vázquez is a founding of member of the LAByrinth Theatre Company (LAB), where he has performed and collaborated with some of New York's most exciting writers, directors and actors including Hoffman, Rockwell and Stephen Adly Guirgis. For the past four years, Vázquez has participated in the LAByrinth Theater Company's Celebrity Charades Benefit.

Vázquez was born in Havana, Cuba and grew up in Miami Beach. He currently lives in Manhattan with his wife, actress Linda Larkin.


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