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JERMAINE WILLIAMS most recently starred in Stomp The Yard, the coming-of-age film with Columbus Short and Meagan Good that showcased the art of stepping. He next will be seen in the comedy, The Comebacks, due for release this fall. Williams is also remembered for his gritty performance in The Beat as well as playing Bill Cosby's Mushmouth in the screen version of Fat Albert.

Discovered by a talent agent when he was thirteen-years-old, Williams first acted in Warren Beatty's Bulworth. He later starred in three seasons of the Disney Channel's The Jersey which landed him NAMIC nominations for Best Comedic Performance in a Series, two seasons in a row, as well as winning the Young Artist Award for Best Ensemble in 2000. Williams has also guest-starred on the hit series, Veronica Mars and ER.

A Los Angeles native, Williams spends his down time playing basketball or in the dance studio where he dances and sings. He dances for the Norwood Kids Foundation, formed by Brandy Norwood, as well as Culture Shock L.A.


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