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In 1990, SAM FELL (Directed by) gained a first-class degree in fine art from The University of Nottingham. At the end of the course, he won a place on the Channel Four/MOMI animator-in-residence scheme, which was set up to enable young talent to develop and produce new animation.

The scheme resulted in Fell directing a short film for Channel Four Television called The Big Cheese, which was produced at 3 Peach Animation in London and completed in 1992. During this period, Fell also worked as a freelance animator and director on commercials, pop promos and short films for 3 Peach, Aardman Animations, Redwing, FilmFair and the BBC. Around this time, Fell developed a working relationship with Peter Lord at Aardman Animations, which resulted in him working as the key animator on Wat's Pig, Lord's 1996 Academy Award®-nominated short film. In 1996, Fell signed on as a commercials director at Aardman. He continued making short films (Pop and Chump) while directing commercials and developing Rabbits!, a combination CGI-and-claymation television series for children. He also directed three episodes of the Aardman television series Rex the Runt for the BBC. These experiences gave him the taste for both long-form work and new technology.

During 2001, he went on to develop several feature film ideas, one of which was Flushed Away. When DreamWorks/Aardman decided to develop the idea into a movie, Fell took on the challenge to direct Aardman's first CGI-animated feature film, produced at DreamWorks Animation studio in Los Angeles from 2002 to 2006. In 2007, Flushed Away was nominated for a BAFTA in the Animated Feature category and also for a Children's BAFTA for Best Feature Film.

Fell lives in Kew, London, with his wife, Fran, and son, Vincent.


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