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EUGENIO DERBEZ is the best known comedian in Mexico. His popularity reaches over all of Latin America as well as the Hispanic community in the United States, where his shows are broadcast with great success daily to over 25 million viewers. Derbez's career began when, at age 12, he worked alongside his mother Sylvia Derbez in Mexican soap operas. He acquired national stardom after the airing of his sketch show Al Derecho Y al Derbez, which showcased his talent as an actor with his portrayal of a series of original and hilarious characters that have since become part of Mexican pop culture.

In 1997, he premiered the sketch comedy show Derbez en Cuando which, according to a study done by the IBOPE (Brazilian Institute for Public Opinion), was the most watched TV program in Mexico with an astonishing 35 point rating from January to August 1999. In 2002, he debut XHDRBZ, another show filled with new sketches and characters, including the enormously popular "La Familia Peluche."

In 2004, Derbez performed the Spanish voiceover for the character of Donkey in the animated blockbuster SHREK 1, 2 and 3. In September, he starred on a Broadway play named "Latinologues", a collection of comedic and poignant monologues about the Latino experience in America. Derbez garnered high praise from Broadway and Los Angeles critics alike, including Charles Isherwood of the NY Times, who raved: "With his head ringed in cheap plastic curlers and his face smeared with lipstick and powder, Mr. Derbez, primly clutching a giant wooden rosary, had the audience in stitches - this critic included - before he'd said a word."


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